Photo Day with Action Shots

Tiffany Wagner
Tiffany Wagner
Amazing experience! Made my child feel Comfortable and confident! Needed a photographer with quick turn around time and he delivered! Amazing, personalized service! Highly recommend!
We love their work, talent and action shots. Photographers creativeness and talents are just breathtaking and highly skilled. Highly recommend and if your school doesn’t have sports photography contracts with them, you guys and their parents are missing out in big time. Their work is really good, we mean, really good.
Beth White
Beth White
Amazing pictures! Best sports pictures we’ve ever had!
Matt Gadd
Matt Gadd
Great photography company and very engaging environment that the kids love
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller
In a sport like football, where it’s especially hard to capture great moments, Action Shots came through with some gems!
Rising Stars Baseball Academy
Rising Stars Baseball Academy
Loved my experience with Action Shotz! They took great pics! Can’t wait to for them to come out again!
David Magee
David Magee
Action Shots does an amazing job! They are great with the kids, and they take fantastic photos. Seeing some of the edits they are capable of doing with the pictures they take is pretty incredible. Best thing of all is they are quick! You’re able to get your teams in and out of picture day fast and efficiently. The ordering process is also very streamlined, simple text to your phone with a link and you can do everything you need to do from there! Highly recommended!
desean walker
desean walker
Took flawless pictures of my baby boy. would truly recommend!!

Why Choose Us for Team & Individual Photos?

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We offer rebates on all T & I, and Live Action event photography services, directly benefiting the league financially. 💰

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Sample Previews

Our Process

At Action Shots Photography, we have learned that there are no traffic jams when going the extra mile. This philosophy has rightfully positioned us as

“The Greatest Of All Time” 🐐

This means we don’t force you to buy anything!

You get to choose!

We design all of the options for your player BEFORE we ask you to purchase anything! 🤯

Instilling confidence into the minds of our youth, through exceptional photographic design services, is the reason we exist.

Every student athlete that experiences team photo day with Action Shots will receive access to an online gallery of proofs that include Standard Prints, Custom Graphics (including their name), Team Photo edits, Vinyl Banner Prints & our Most Popular Item, BIG HEAD CUTOUTS for FREE!

Parents will have the opportunity to browse and checkout with the options they like best – right from their mobile device!

Photo downloads will be sent via email immediately upon purchase. All print orders will ship directly to the address entered at checkout.

Behind the Scenes

How Photo Day is supposed to feel!

What to Expect

😲All ordering is handled in online proofing galleries. 

😲We average 1 kid per minute, per camera.

😲A team of ten players is in and out of their photo day in 10 minutes!

😲We can complete a league of 1000 kids in 6 hours!

😲We meet each league where they want to be met (Rebates, Sponsor Plaques, Mesh fence banners etcetera)🤯 – You get to choose!

  • Please arrive to your teams appropriate time slot, fully dressed with your player’s: Hair fixed, face cleaned, shirt neatly tucked in ready for photos!

Photo Selection:

  • After the photos have been prepared, you will receive a text and email with a gallery link.
  • Click on the link to browse your photo options.

Order Online:

  • All photo orders are processed online in proofing galleries.
  • All galleries will include a coupon that is automatically applied at checkout for those who order within 24 hours of being notified.

Delivery Time:

  • Your proofing galleries will be available online within 14 business days.

If you still have questions, please text 502.532.1749 for the fastest response times. 

How to use our Store

Investment Options

America’s Best Youth Team Sports Photo Company

“At Action Shots Photography, our commitment to excellence is not just a promise; it’s a journey beyond the ordinary. We proudly embrace our title as ‘The Greatest Photo Company Of All Time’, a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection.

Our mission? To instill confidence and capture the spirit of youth through our unparalleled photographic design services.

Imagine a team photo day where every click of the camera brings a moment to life. That’s the experience we offer at Action Shots. Each student athlete is treated to a personalized showcase, featuring an exclusive online gallery of proofs. This gallery isn’t just a collection of images; it’s a palette of memories, including Standard Prints, Custom Graphics with the athlete’s name, and professionally edited Team Photos.

And the best part?

For parents, the convenience is unmatched. Browse, select, and purchase your favorites right from the comfort of your mobile device. The moment you make your choice, digital downloads are expedited directly to your email, ensuring instant gratification. For those who cherish the tangibility of prints, worry not. We ensure that your selected prints are delivered straight to your doorstep, reflecting the exact address entered at checkout.

At Action Shots Photography, we don’t just take photos; we capture milestones, celebrate achievements, and immortalize the essence of team spirit. Join us on photo day, and let us turn your athletic achievements into everlasting memories.”